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Hello! This game is a great idea but there needs to be some updates:

1. There needs to be an easier way to open the game

2. There needs to be different types of restaurants, ski patrol look outs, ski schools, hotels, and etc.

3. There should also be weather like Conabadicus said below and snow machines

4. There should be admission prices and things like rentals that we can change or edit

5. There should be accidents in which the ski patrol come and help

(ALSO- the money thing shouldn't affect the ability to build)

6. There should be a thing where you can change if it's fenced or not and a way to add moguls and jumps stuff like that (ALSO- grooming machines)

7. Another thing would be night skiing (So you would add torches that we would place)

8. The map is really nice cause it's big with unlimited possibilities but, it would be cool if we could make our own seed if you will or have other maps as well

9. This is an idea I have gotten from another leading tycoon style game: SO you should add a way that you could ski yourself to see what it's like that right there I would pay good money to play

10. There should be a way to have chutte runs along boulders like if you look up DEELEY, in Utah- huge and super fancy resort and ski runs

11. There should finally have a way to build a big resort along anywhere on the map/also roads and to be able to name and houses along the runs if wanted 

Thank You So Much!

Can't Wait To Play With These Updates


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Doesn´t work :-(. Just after Start game - I choose resort - Loading (approx. 3 sec and jumps back to windows). Windows 10

Hi! Thanks for your bug report. I transferred to the devs. it should help them find your problem.

Thanks for the game, was actually thinking it would be cool to have a ski resort tycoon. Here are some ideas that I'm sure you've already got in development.

1. Having a hard time with connecting runs to hubs. Maybe add a tool that allows you to flatten out some space. For example I might have a gondola up the valley to a hub location where several runs will come down, and they can continue down from there if they wish, or get right back on the chairlift from the hub. I think the game only considers the connections and makes them run from the top all the way down.  Dunno! Either way, I have a hard time with connecting runs, sometimes I build a gondola to a peak and then start the run a little further off, but they cant get there. If I then make a run from the gondola landing to the beginning of that run, it doesn't quite consider them as the same run? 

Sorry that was long winded. In Short - a tool for flattening a larger area to act as a landing for other runs would be nice!

2. Whats the difference between large and medium runs, a tool tip would help

3. Could use info screens, displaying all the runs and their statistics, usage etc. Select runs from that screen, etc.

4. Money management - entrance/tickets, vending, lodging, rentals, etc. (im sure that is all in the works)

5. Competition from other resorts?

6. Snowboards

7. Accidents, Ski Patrol/Staff

8. Ski Schools & Slope management 

9. Public events like races, olympic rental?  

10. Global warming!?

11. SNOW CONDITION! Snow making for that matter/ weather forecast.

Man I think I would really love running a ski resort.

Hi! Thanks for playing :)

About your suggestions...

1. Yes! We know the actual tool for construction is not enough and we are working on ways to improve it. Thanks for your very complete insights :)

2. Actually, there is no difference between those two type of ski runs... It's cosmetic. It will change when attendance will increase the risk of falling.

3. Agreed! It's planned :)

4. There will be no money in Snowtopia. The whole game system will rely on skier's satisfaction.

5. No money, no competition. But big expectations from skiers and skiers with very different expectations.

6. Snowboards --> yes!

7. Accidents, Ski Patrol/Staff --> yes!

8. Ski Schools & Slope management  --> yes!

9. Public events like races, olympic rental?  --> I still don't know how, but i'd like to.

10. Global warming!? --> no but a big concern for environment

11. SNOW CONDITION! --> yes!

I hope you like those answers!

See you around

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Great game, but a couple of suggestions.

Could you maybe make a Low Detail mode for slower computers? Mine only as an i5 processor and no graphics card so the game runs prety slow for me.

Also, the lift lengths! Argh! They are so short compared to the map you provide. Pls increase the gondola length to 800m at least, to cover a big more map without having 3 gondolas to reach the other side of the map.

Speaking of lifts, you could also join lifts. Say if there are two resorts, you can join up the middle lift station so people from both resorts get off at that lift station.

Also, snow parks. Jumps etc would be cool to see in the future... But mostly the lift length. Quite Annoying and unrealistic to have lots of lifts...

On the note of realism, maybe make a career mode, where you only have a certain amount of time to get a certain amount of skiers, you have a budget, can set costs of lift prices etc. (i could go on all day)

Great game, cant wait do download/buy the full version!

Hi! Thanks for your feedback and for playing the game. We still have a lot to do to balance the game and data such as lift length. It depends on other stuff we still have to implement. A lot will change before early access.

Stay tune to get the full version!

Hey, as an old Ski veteran i love to create my own snow empire. Love this game, great idea!

After playing a while i noticed that there is some major lagging when entering fast forward mode >>>. From what I saw, I would guess that there are too many moving objects, that has to be calculated within the frame, so the fps drops (Since CPU and GPU performance doesn't really change between the 3 speed modes). With normal speed it's O.K.,with double Speed >> there some minor lags, but with fast forward >>> it isn't enjoyable any more.


- 38 Lifts (most of them max length)

- about 100 -150 ski runs

- ~ 1800 skiers

my first idea was, that the skiers are the problem, but analyzing the moving stuff all around my snow empire, i recognized, that the lifts as well are a bunch of little moving bastards (50 -100 gondolas/chairs per Lift) * 38 = 3800 objects + 1800 skiers -> 5600 moving Entities altogether. Since you're working with unity, you may should try ECS (Entity-Component-System), which have great effect on games with a lot of Entities moving the same way (like your chairs/gondolas and skiers).

Or Simply don't calculate each step of the movement on >>> mode but interpolate between each 10th step or something like this.

PLease try to fix this, cause playing on >>> mode is not pleasant in the later game.

best regards, Chris

Hi Chris! Thanks for playing and for your comments.

Yes, the game still has some performance issues. Skiers, slopes and lifts are the guilty ones. Our developers are working on it, one step at a time.

It should be fixed by the release day.

Hope to see you then!

Hey, for some reason I cant update Snowtopia. I am really excited to try the new map but I can't seem to update it. Any of you guys know why or how?

Hi! I'm not sure what your problem is, but it's not realy an update. It's more a new version (an improved one) of the game. you have to erase the older version and to download the new one.

Does it help?

Hey, Just wondering If you would be adding snowboarders too? 


Hi. I just found your game on steam and tried it. I love it, especially the graphic style. I do have gathered some feedback after an hour of gameplay. For the record, I know its not ready and basically an empty shell yet.

things I would improve:

  • I can't move the camera with the mouse, only keys, why?
  • make the villages lively, with cars, pedestrians, maybe outside connections with travellers
  • the top stations of lifts float
  • slopes are only visible through the barriers, maybe add a different pattern of snow, different barriers, signs, advertisement banners, etc
  • there is no general management yet (although I guess it will be by release?)

things I would add:

  • restaurants at the top of ski lifts, apline cafes, etc
  • shops in the valleys
  • snowcat vehicles (omg please), and the like
  • terraforming, planting trees
  • emergencies
  • first person POVs

Yea thats it for now, I will keep on checking on you and at release I will be one of the first to purchase, promise ;D

hold down mouse scroll button and look around :)

Hi! Thanks for playing and for the feedback :) Almost all of this target points are planned, except terraforming and shops in the valley. I hope you'll enjoy the result!

See you then

Hello Again- Just one thing- Frozen Peak is very buggy. I can't save my game on it,  and it Crashes alot- 3 times for me. 

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, we've done a lot of fixing on the last update and released a new build. I hope you tried it :)

See you to the next update!


Nice Update! You fixed the unrealistic lengths, and the problem of names not saving. I also love the new lift designs, the new map, and map mode. You even added little trail signs.

The new map is awesome- however, the big peak in the corner starts to lag when you get close, and also, when I loaded my game in that map, the trees were gone. 

I hope I don't rush you and hope you have happy holidays!

Hello again! I am wondering if you will be able to manage the little village also. I have guessed this since the house icon is in the menu.

Speaking of the house icon, when that gets enabled, do you think that we will be able to place warming huts and lodges on the mountain? And would you be able to change your lodge? 

Also, would there be money in the future, and you'd get money from services, lessons, lift tickets or season passes?

Honestly, I think that this game has so much potential. Already with just being able to draw trails, but down 3 types of lifts and allocate workforce, it is as good as other tycoon games. It's not a question of will it be good; it's how awesome will this game be?

The developers have probably thought of all these great ideas, so i'll be sticking around!

Also- do you know the full release date? Where would I get the full game?

Hi! Thanks for playing the game and for your kind words :) The house icon is for facilities like security, maintenance, food, and other stuffs like that. The game will be focused on the ski area but we want to add some specialization options for the village too.

Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Hey awesome game, brings me back to ski resort tycoon. A few questions, will this have mod support?

also is the run creation pretty set in stone, it would be nice if we could have an option to create hiking access and back country, really separate it from the other resort creation games.

Hi! Thanks for playing :) We consider adding mod support and hiking tracks, but it will be after early access I think.

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Hello, this is an amazing game idea :-)

  • Being able to build ski lifts through the houses seems a little strange...
  • Have a campaign mode where certain criteria need to be met? (e.g. 1 of each type of run).
  • Special events (after x hours of play e.g. local music festival, global racing event, winter olympics...) reward for successful , campaign game-end if unsuccessful...
  • Sandbox mode with procedural generation.
  • Incorporate procedural generation with a campaign mode.
  • Upgradable houses (increase capacity of resort)
  • Difficulty setting ?
  • Additional buildings (snowpark, alpine cafe, restaurant, ski-rescue, helipad {heli skiing, emergency evac.}
  • Disasters (avalanches, lift-breakdowns, skier falls)
  • Accurate mapping of existing global ski resorts?

Looking forward to purchasing a full release :-D

Hi! Thanks for the feedback :) Definitely considering all your suggestions.

Hello again, how much do you think the game will cost upon release? Thank You!

Our aim is to create a game like Parkitect and Megaquarium. So, between 20 and 25 euros.

Hi again, I also think that having a computer generated ski map would be an awesome feature!

I agree! We'll see what we can do :)

Hi there, I think the game is amazing and feel like I was destined to play it.  But I just have one suggestion,  it is almost impossible to create a green run! if there is one bit of blue, it doesn't work. also, is red harder than black or vice versa?

Hi! Black is harder than red and wait for the next update. With the topology layer, it will be easier to build green slopes. Also, I make turns with the runs to keep them the same color. Did you try that?

Hello! I am so glad that you added the save game option. Now you can manage your ski resort over multiple days. However, the game gets dull after a few days. To make it more interesting here are some suggestions.

Variety of Lifts- ex. Double, Triple, Quad, Detachable Quad, Detachable Six Pack- Eight Person...etc. 

More realistic Lengths- The lift and trail lengths are really short. For example, the Chairlift is limited to  300 or so meters. That isn't very long!

Features added to trails/lifts- Each run is different, but there are no feature such as race courses, terrain parks, or tree skiing

Change of seasons-  Maybe have summer where the snow melts?

Unlocking stuff- To unlock some new features in the future, maybe you have to get 100 or 500 skiers to get a certain type of Lift.

Trail Map Mode- This might be a wild suggestion, but it would be cool if there was a mode where the computer would generate a map of your ski area.

Those are a couple of suggestions. Just because I have some suggestions doesn't mean I don't like it. It is still a good game. However there are some bug. They don't make me  just want smash my computer but here are some I have noticed

Trail Names- Also you can rename your trails and lifts but I have found a problem. Even if you rename your trails, and then save your game, when you load the game the day after, the trail names don't get saved.

Lifts- The lifts go through rocks and snow, I don't know how this wold be possible.

Thank you!

Hi! Thanks for the suggestions and for playing the game :) Except the change of season (Snowtopia is a world of eternal snow), we have plans for all of your expectations. Which is good news! See you then

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I've been playing the Mac version and I cannot get more than 40 visitors no matter what I do...unsure if I'm just terrible at the game or if it's a bug/known issue.

Features I'd would like to see:

  • More types of lifts (double, triple, quad, high-speed quad, high-speed 6 pack, etc.)
  • Ability to add mid-stations and angle stations to lifts
  • Night skiing
  • Variable conditions, snowmaking, grooming
  • Borderless trails for bowls & tree skiing
  • Terrain park
  • Trail map feature with export/share ability
  • Option to use North American trail designations i.e. green, blue, black, double black and EX double black
  • Ability to set trail designation/difficulty yourself
  • Make length measurements for lifts and trails more realistic, and add vertical drop

Hi! Are you on Discord? It would be easier to help you there.

If you can't, the only way to help you is with screenshots of your resort and the log files which you can find here:

macOS ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

can you rotate the screen up/down?

Hi! Press the wheel of your mouse to rotate the camera. It should work :)


can you do that in mac??

my brother has it and cannot

I think not. With Q and E ?

Also, in the next update, we'll add the setting of controllers.

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So, here we are. Being a gamer since I was like 15 (which was in 1986, though) I am really, REALLY picky about what I do waste my time with (according to my better half) and being a skier myself for 40+ years, all of a sudden I stumbled upon this just today and I don't even know why or where. Steam, probably.
And please let me say that really clear: this is even in alpha (pre-EA) and really limited, it's such an addictive little game. Couple minutes in and you will find yourself fiddling around where that ski run could use another slight swing. Or if it might be better to create a black run for the experts. Or a blue one for the beginners. Or maybe some intermediate with a little red?  

I really can't wait to see the progress you guys will make. Day/Night cycle, that is supposed to be awesome! Also can't wait for Kickstarter, AFAIK it might come sometime early 2020? Well, however, count me in, Snowtopia has a big chance to become something incredibly exciting! 

Thanks so much for your hard work 


Hi! Thanks for your kind words :) I forwarded to the members of the team and they end up sending hearts everywhere in the channel of discussion. 

Early access is planned during 2020. We're working with our producer to set a more precise release date.

See you along the way!


Deleted 206 days ago

Hi! Thanks for the log. It is transmitted to programmers.

Is the house icon usable? If yes what are the requirements?

It's not :) We still need to develop this feature.

Thanks for the information and quick reply. 

I really like the game! Only thing is that the game sort of stutters. I don't think it is my videocard because every other program runs just fine. Is there something i need to change in my settings or something?

dunno. mine does too

Hi! We still have to work on the graphic performances of the game. Our programmer is doing some optimization those days. Thanks for letting us know about this issue :)

Hello! I just downloaded the Windows version demo because this game looks like a real gem! I would love to give it a try, but I cannot get it to load past the main menu. It crashes as soon as I hit "New Game".

Is this a known issue anyone else has had with the newest demo version and is there a fix or work-around?


This was fixed in version so that's weird. I'll have a look!

I have tried downloading the app also, which allowed me to install every version you guys have released of your game. Every single one crashes the same way as soon as I click "New Game".  Maybe I am missing some external component that helps load the game, or maybe there is an issue with my graphics card (GeForce GTX 660).

Hi! So we can help you fix this issue, could you send us your log files ? It would be very convenient, thanks :)

macOS     ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
Windows     C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\CompanyName\ProductName\output_log.txt
Linux     ~/.config/unity3d/CompanyName/ProductName/Player.log

Just wanted to confirm with you guys that you received the email with the attached log file as you requested. I sent it to this email:

Hopefully I did this correctly because I am so jealous of all of your other fans who can play your alpha right now. Thanks again!

Yes, we did! Thanks. We're at the event EGX for a few days, so won't have time to read it before next week.

Hey, ive encountered this weird glitch where skiiers stop and time stops.

When i take away a lift to add a new one, time will stop and skiiers will freeze. just wondering if there is any fix as im having a blast playing! :)

Hi! Thanks for letting us know about this bug. Could you download the last version of the game and let me know if it's still an issue? We've fixed a few bugs since you posted this message. Thanks :)

Hi There!

I just played the newest version and had the same glitch. Just klick the "pause" button and the game will run again.

Absolutely lovely game, I've been waiting this for so long!!
As others have already said, it would be lovely to also be able to manage the accomodations for skiers, like restaurants, ski schools, hotels, wellness centers etc!

It would make this a game I'd never stop playing! *-*

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Just confirming the Linux build as of the latest update still loads up fine :)



finaly a ski resort builder after al those years of playing ski resort tycoon this is what i wanted for years . ski resort tycoon was to small map and to old grapics maby look it up just for funn :P its made begin 2000 

I'd found 1 problem in this game, the game is too much easy, it would be better with money.

I'd read the comments below and there are very good ideas but I would like to say 3 more: 

- Decoration/accessories: fences, snow cannon, hospital, heliport, parking, streetlight, ski school, shops, ski pass office, hangar, hotel...

- Nordic ski traks

-(In a far update)Day/night cicle were in the night you could repare the trails with vehicles (that you had bought) and you could have iluminated trails for night skiing. 15 minutes day, 5 minutes night.


thanks for playing to Snowtopia :) You're right about the lack of challenge. We have planned to increase it in the future. And even if we have plenty to do before that, we also have plans for decorations, Nordic trails and night/day cycle.

We can't wait for this functionalities to be implemented!!

See you then :)

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Here is a recommendation for the game.  You guys should add facilities and more lifts.  Also gladed ski runs and chutes,  Save game,  lifts can go over each oter. 


Thanks for playing and for your recommendations :)

Save game is here, hope you will enjoy it!

For some reason I can't download even when it says downloading it shows no progress.

Oh I downloaded it now and it says all the code is not in the game and windows scanned an app from an unidentified developer.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

nvm it was in a file and I had to drag it onto the desktop for it to work.


i hope everything went alright at the end?

I have just one questions ? Is there a possibility to download oldest version of the beta ? Because I Don't Like de Volunteers restrictions.

i think this is gonna be the new astroneer
(i mean in development bcs its gonna take a while but in the end its a super fun and cool game)

I built a nice skiresort with about 5 Lifts.... but no customers? I can only reach about 40? How do i get  more?

ok got it, too many black slopes. But i wait long time for having more skiers in my area..... game is running for waiting until i can build more lifts... 


You should be able to upgrade lifts to better ones because when you delete one and replace it with another, the new lift doesn't connect to all of your trails.

Yeah, Charlie. That's a good idea!

Good idea indeed Charlie! We are working on adding upgrades for lifts and other buildings in a later release!


bru you replied like that on ur own account?

Suggestion: I'd like to be able to upgrade the ski lifts to a better type, instead of having to demolish them and rebuild them because they never line up in just the same way.


Hello! Upgrading lifts is a feature we are working on at the moment. In the meantime, we have tweaked the lift building to help connecting to all the runs!

How do you download it on Windows 


wow, how old are you?


This game is SOOOOOO GOOD!!!

Can't wait for more updates


I know i have already commented once, but, I just cant stop thinking about how awesome this game will be. I came up with a few more suggestions listed below:

- Weather impacts on the slopes

      - Rain depleting the base and exposing dirt spots, snow building the base

      - Season start mode where you open terrain based off of your specific mountains capabilities. This can play into clientele satisfaction and mountain operations strategy wimilar to the real world. 

      - Ability to regulate the amount of snow on the trail 

              - Snowmaking and grooming will play into this

I work for a ski resort in the western United States and have always been looking for a realistic game to mimic mountain operations and ski area management strategies. I feel like this game has a significant chance of being that. I'll comment again if I can think up of anything else. 

Love these ideas.  I've been waiting for a game like this for 15+ years, myself.  I didn't think anyone would ever make a spiritual successor to Ski Resort Tycoon.  The possibilities are endless, and I am so excited. 

Looks good so far devs!

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