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I am in favor of the concept, but I find the current version not enjoyable to play due to the difficulty in getting trails to properly connect. I've engaged with the game 3 times and quit playing after 20 minutes, as the trail building widget is . . simply put . . terrible. It seems I have a 50/50 chance that trails built correctly actually link up. Frustrated to say the least. I hope additional versions improve upon this.

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I have 7-year old who on occasion gets to try some Cities:SL, SimCity and Banished. He loves alpine skiing (and snow groomers of course) and is always talking about next season. Suddenly he asked me if there was a game where you could build ski lifts, pistes and create the actual slopes (mountains). Well, I found Winter resort simulator and this game (didn't even know the genre existed). WRS was too much (even for me) but this game fits him like a glove. Since I found it a couple of weeks ago (I think his head would explode ;) it's all he wants to play and he's started nagging about playing on the computer every day now.

Anyway, since the demo is very "limited", and he kept asking "why can't I do this or that" I explained to him about public betas, testing and feedback, so naturally I had to promise to send his "wish-list" to the developers. =)

(PS. I understand that not everything is doable or even falls within the scope of this game but I promised to send his complete list so here goes, all equally wished for)

Allow lifts, that can, to cross each other (like in real life).

Animate the groomers driving from their garage to the slope and driving up and down it grooming.

Animate the mechanics in similar fashion as above.

Different garage (sizes) for groomers (e.g with room for 1, 2, 3 groomers).

"Transportation (surface) lifts" that skiers can use to go from one piste area to another (allow bi-directional usage of the lift).

Pistes for flat skiing (I had to explain to him about crazy people who ski on flat land or uphill since some Swedish resorts have pistes for cross-country).

Also allow surface lifts be built over terrain with raises/dips in the middle (as is possible now for the other two types).

Same as above but for slopes, ie allow small raises in the middle of slopes.

Allow terrain editing (raise/lower land, add/remove trees).

"Bumpy slopes" (he means mogul pistes).

Adding "jumps to pistes" (aka. ski park elements like jumps, rails etc).

More maps for playing...oh, and not least, generating a piste map of course

Seeing the lift workers.

That's all..for now. We're looking forward to the real release of the game..keep up the good work.

Generally very fun but a few comments: 

1) If I'm building (i.e. I've selected something I want to build) it would be good to have the screen move a bit with the mouse if I reach the edge (having to use the keyboard to adjust the viewable area isn't ideal from a placement perspective). 

2) I was hoping for more of a sandbox mode where I could build a mountain from scratch, add in my own number of trees / natural features. Essentially something similar to Ski Resort Tycoon from the early 2000s -- is this planned as a feature or no? 

Thank you for the hard work and for sharing this game with us!

i love this game and what you have done with it but i personally it is missing a few key features.

1. a zoneable freeride zone like a basin or glades much like delirium dive at sunshine village of course on a much smaller scale

2. most of the comments here are about more lifts and i agree with that but i would also like to see lifts wear down over time and become slower and need to be replaced.

3. since you are releasing this on steam i would like to see workshop support, for the ability to make custom assets or share maps in the community

4. i would also like to see the ablity to change terrain hight and add trees so you can make the map fit the resort style.

anyways i love what you have done with the game and would love to see how the game changes over time.

Très bien :)

Real 3D Graphics in comparison to pseudo 3D in Ski Park Manager 2003 :)

Personally I'd like to see more realistic simulation of the skilifts and of course the skiers riding them. Shouldn't be that hard since basic ropeway calculations are freely available on the internet.

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Depuis le temps que j'attendais un digne héritier de ski park manager 2003 !!!

La version d'essaie installée et c'est parti !!!

Les graphismes cartoon OK pas dérangeant au moins on sait d'avance que la config n'est pas un soucis. 

La carte est sympa, à voir s'il y a plusieurs choix  (petite, moyenne, grande, énorme,), je trouve qu'il manque la vision où l'on voit les  skieurs monter dans les remontés mécaniques ainsi qu'un outil pour modifier le relief afin de faire les pistes au mieux. (pouvoir planter des arbres également)

Le gros manquement qui me ferait retirer le jeu qui est dans ma liste de souhait steam est s'il n'y a aucune gestion de budget et aucun management. Ainsi que les logements, les magasins, les chemins, les loisirs, ... Un cycle jour / nuit ? Le rêve d'un ski park manager 2003 version de nos jours serait éteient sans tout ça. 

Je vous souhaite bon courage et verdict lors de la sortie du jeu. 

Bonne soirée   

Hi TeaForTwoGames! 

I have played patch 6 and 7 of Snowtopia and I love what you guys have done! This game has SO MUCH potential, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

I do have a couple of suggestions that I think might be easy to add into the game in the near future (disclaimer: I am not a game developer....unless fooling around making blender models counts):

1. You could add in a function that automatically names runs and lifts from a preset database. The game currently allows the player to change names of runs and lifts, TRUE. HOWEVER, as the player builds their resort bigger and bigger, it can be somewhat cumbersome to name every single run and lift manually, but at the same time, nobody really wants to see all their lifts and runs named numerically. To make this function work, I imagine you guys would need a database or list of potential names for the game to choose from when the player creates a lift or run. Ski runs (in real life) have different naming conventions based on their difficulty, and lifts (also in real life) have different naming conventions based on the lift type (double chair, quad chair, express quad or high-speed quad, and gondola for instance, where I am from in Canada). I think it would be really cool if the game reflected this. To create the database of lift and run names, you guys could even reach out to your audience on Twitter or a Google Poll so we can all help compile the list! You could create different databases for different languages too (English run-names are obviously different from French or German ones), either for different language markets for the game or for different map regions within the game, or both. This function would obviously have to evolve as new types of lifts are added (if that's happening). I could make and email an example of some lift-and-run-naming conventions to explain what I mean a little bit better, it that would help :)

2. From a gameplay graphics perspective, I get that a lot of the current game assets (lifts, etc) are placeholders, but if I had to recommend one easy-ish thing, it would be adding in more trees on the current or future maps. At least where I ski in Canada, our ski resorts tend to be built partially above and below the tree-line. The trails that cut through the forest for runs are very visible characteristics. I think that the game might feel more realistic with denser tree coverage, especially in valleys. I could be wrong, but I don't think this would require making new models and could be performed relatively easily within the existing game. 

I have a bunch more ideas (as an avid skier and gamer, I've been waiting for a graphically-advanced game like this to come out for AGES) but I'll leave it at that for now :) aussi, où êtes-vous situés? J'ai vu quelques commentaires en francais, et en premier j'avais pensé quebec...? Mois je viens de Toronto mais je fais du ski chaque année a l'ouest du Canada et parfois dans les cantons de l'est ou Tremblant au Quebec :)

Bonne chance avec tous, et vous êtes fantastiques! J'attends attentivement la prochaine version :)

- Matt

Hi Matt!

Thanks for playing Snowtopia and sharing your feedbacks.

Your first proposition would be a really nice feature and we've already had fun imagining something like that for the game. It's the kind of ideas that would be great but we still need to stay focused on the features we need in the game.

About your second proposition, we're French and use to ski in the Alps, which means we don't have that much trees in our resorts. Also, more trees means more resources from the graphical card to run the game. So, yes, we still have some improvements to make :) Et il faut clairement qu'on découvre ce que c'est de skier au Quebec pour élargir nos références en terme de station de ski !

Bonne fin de journée,


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will this download to Chromebook? and if so, how do I do it?

Snowtopia is only available on Windows, Linux and Mac. I'd never used a chromebook, so I don't know about compatibilities with other OS. You can try to download it and run the .exe, nothing bad can happen.

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Ski Park Manager est un jeu qui me manque beaucoup et j'ai enfin trouvé son successeur :)

J'ai déjà joué une dizaine d'heures à la démo de Snowtopia et clairement je suis conquis. Création des pistes, gestion des remontée mécaniques ou encore suivi de la satisfaction des skieurs, un début qui présage un super jeux. Bien sûr il manque toute la gestion de la partie financière, hôtelière, commerciale ou d'enneigement mais cela doit être en préparation. Quelque rares bugs graphiques.

En résumé impatient de voir la suite :)

Bon courage et super bon taf !

Merci d'avoir joué et pour ton retour :)

ça fait plaisir de savoir que le jeu t'a plu même s'il n'est pas fini.

Rendez-vous à l'early access !!

Dear all, I have downloaded and I could start the game. I reach the menu, and I can modify any settings. After that I try to start a new game and loading screen is showd up. After some seconds the screen becomes black and the game is closed. (Windows 10)

Does anyone has solution or idea what I should do?


Could you share you're computer's specifications ? Also, do you usualy play management game (Two point hospital, Foundation, Parkitect, etc.) on this computer ?

Could be because of your graphic card and the game not being optimized yet.

Bonjour,  comme tous les commentaires que j'ai pus lire, un grand gg à vous ! Ça a de la gueule votre jeux ! J'ai vus aussi que vous ne comptiez pas implenter un système d argent. Je suis pour le moins sceptique.  Je comprend le système de clients/ exigences  que vous mettez en place mais les 2  sont ils incompatibles ? Gérer les forfaits, les logements, les salaires, les constructions, les canons à neiges etc... C'est quand même  la base d'un tycoon( version ski) non.? J'ai peur que sans ça votre bébé soit vite un jeu de contemplation  et où le seul défi sera de rendre la chose agréable à l'œil. Alors je sais  c'est facile à dire, et moins facile à mettre en place. Mais je vois un si gros potentiel pour votre jeu que je me permet cette réflection. 

En attendant l 'E. A.  sur steam je vous souhaite une bonne dose de  courage. 


merci d'avoir joué à Snowtopia et de prendre le temps de commenter :)

Pas besoin d'argent pour créer du challenge, c'est du moins notre point de vue. On compte bien faire tout ce qu'on peut pour te convaincre !

Rendez-vous à l'early access pour le résultat :) En espérant que ça te plaira.

Bonne journée à toi,


Bonjours je trouve ce jeux extraordinaire car j'habite moi meme dans une station de ski et je trouve tres sympatique de pouvoir créer sa station . 

Tout d'abord je voulait savoir si il y avait ou si il y aura un moyen de jouer sur chroomebook . Car je voit qu'il est possible d'installer un fichier linux mais je ne sait pas si il est compatible avec les chroombook .

Il serait aussi très sympa d'avoir un mode sandbox ou l'on peut construire a l'infini et avec une carte un peut plus grande .

Si l'on pouvait construire des chalet ou des hotels pour créer a l'infini et aussi de pouvoir modifier le terrain .

Et ce que je pense le plus plus compliqué mais qui serait très interessant serait d'avoir un systeme d'argent ou les cabine sont payantes à construire et un système de forfait ou l'on choisit nous meme le prix du forfait . on commencerait le jeux avec une sommes quelconque.

Et aussi que les remonter puisse etre plus longue .

J'aimerais bien que vous me donner un moyen de jouer sur chroomebook  si il y en a un ? merci


Snowtopia sera disponible uniquement sur Windows, Linux et Mac.

Même si Chrome OS développe une compatibilité avec un des ces OS, les performances du Chromebook risquent de ne pas être suffisantes pour lancer un jeu en 3D, graphiquement exigeant.

Pour jouer à Snowtopia, je vous conseille donc fortement de vous procurer un ordinateur plus puissant et équipé de l'OS approprié.

En espérant que vous puissiez vous en procurer un.

Bonne journée à vous,


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Hello! I've created a lot of resorts here, and i love it!! Congratulations for the work, it is a really great game! :)

I found some bugs, and i have suggestions:


First the suggestions, i hope you like it!

- The possibility to add props of the games, like trees, houses or rocks, for more personalized tracks. (And moore like hotels!)

- Roads and parkings. For cars. To create differents levels of the resort. The cars can appear for a tunnel, like Planet Coaster.  And use the same system of the slopes for create it.

- More maps, (¡biggers pls!) with different styles: A high peak resort, a tree valley... Every station is different! And moore maps is super needed.

- The possibility of edit the terrain, to up or down zones. Would be very confortable for construction. And the possibility of edit a created slope, to change it. 

- Where the map ends, instead of seeing the void, it could be a sea of clouds. It would be beautiful and it would make sense.

- Like other people comment: Weather, and moore lifts with differents speeds to avoid the long lines of people. And longer lifts please!


Now, the bugs: Using the last version at 21/04/2020

- Sometimes i can't delete a lift. I push the button, and appears the signal that show the slopes dont have conection, but the lift model is there and unusable. ¡Dont dissappear! 

- If i push the key "Esc" three times, i have to press "Continue the game" (i dont remember de text) three times to close the menu. And please, add that Esc close the menu and, when you select a lift, Esc close the selection too! 

- When i remplace a lift for other, i cant connect the existing slopes to the lift zone because they're too close, and i cant create a lift to connect it. I've to delete the entire slope...

Thank you all for your attention and good luck with the project! 

I look forward to new updates. I will be the first to buy it for sure! :)

will this run on a low end laptop?

Yes it will, though slowly, I have a fairly basic one (I have a HP laptop with Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz; Intel(R) HD Graphics 620) and it runs absolutely fine. Though if you put to much into your resort the fame rate does reduce, but it is always playable.

thank you


Hi, I really enjoy the game! I have a few opinions and suggestions. 

1. I think there should be a sandbox mode where you have unlimited workforce. 

2. There should be a way to get unlimited terrain, a bit like minecraft where you get infinitely generating terrain. 

3. Also, in real life most ski lifts like gondolas are at least one kilometre long, even some surface lifts are that long. 

4. A ski map could automatically generate from what has been placed. 

5. Possibly a way to upgrade lifts to different sizes, eg. change a two seater chairlift to six seater. 

6. Tunnels should be able to link two valleys if you don’t have the volunteers to make another ski lift. 

Thanks a lot! 

Finally, will the full game be free?


Some suggestions for the game:

Gladed Runs-Runs with trees can be hard

Cliffs- Runs where skiers can jump off cliffs

Cornices- Ramp like structures of snow skiers can jump off. Has a chance of breaking.

Ski Patrol- Treats and picks up injured skiers

Lodge- Can place around the mountain. Skiers can get something to eat or rest here. 

More types Of Chairlifts- High speed quad, High speed six pack, Tram, 3S gondola, double chair.

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Bonjour je sais que vous êtes Français donc je vais vous parler en Français :

- Ce jeu est le meilleur des jeux ou l'on crée une station de ski (c'est peut-être le seul) : Je l’adore !

- Il faudrait pouvoir fermer les remontées mécaniques et les pistes qui ne laisseront monter plus personne mais elles font encore 1 tour complet avant de s’arrêter et laissent quand même monter les gens dans la fille d'attente !

- Un mode été : les gens font du vélo (on peut créer des itinéraires de descente) !!! ou de la rando (les pistes sont fermées sauf si vous mettez un glacier) les TK (téléskis) seraient fermés sauf sur le glacier !

- En vrai il y a quelques fois ou les pistes n'ont pas assez de neige donc il faudrait aussi faire cela : mettre un système de météo

- Il faudrait un mode nuit (avec des pistes nocturnes) (mais beaucoup seront fermées) et aussi aurore (avec des pistes de ski aurores) pareil (La Bresse en a à partir de 6H pendant les vacances)

-Jour de 24H : la nuit tout est fermé mais l'on peut construire les remontées / des pistes et on peut mettre des horaires au remontées !

- Mais comme je suis assez intéressé des remontées mécaniques je propose des améliorations très complexes qui pourrais vous prendre beaucoup de temps :

plus de places ou on choisi le nombre de places pour toutes les remontées !!! renseignez-vous sur les types de remontées sur le site il existe même des téléskis 6 places !!!!!! vous pourrez leur poser des questions !

Mais comme cela est complexe : il faudrait un mode "Pro" pour cela mais la priorité reste quand même les télésièges : ils ont seulement 2 places aujourd'hui la majorité ont 4 places pour moi donc les passer en 3 ou 4 places serait mieux.

Pour les employés : il en faut plus et plus rapidement

Encore une petite idée : un plan de ski !!!

J'adore votre jeu !!! je fais même de la pub sur discord !

N'hésitez pas à me contacter !

wtf des téléskis 6 places ???  Tu veux pas dire télésiège plutôt mdr

Aussi étonnant que cela puisse paraître j'ai déjà vu passer des téléskis 5 places haha mais bon c'est exceptionnel

Ici je pense que le plus intéressant serait de permettre effectivement des télésièges 6 voire 8 places, j'ai vu que c'était prévu de varier les types de remontées.


more types of lifts!

could you have a trello

I played more or less all the beta released. The ide of the game is very interesting however there are some improvment i will introduce in future when snowtopia 2 will be released.

1)introduce the possibility to buind restoutants and bar on the ski slopes as in real ski resot

2)Introduce the seasons and the weather. In spring and summer only slope near glacier should be available. In addition in winter unexpected events such as cold wind and rain can compromise part of the season

3)competition with other ski resorts can be funny

4)introduce the economic aspects. in the game there is no money and thi is a big limitation for a simulation game. Skier should pay the skipass building should have a price

Good Luck


Thank you guys I love it <3

This is probably a long term goal, but an option to highlight an off piste area for slalomers and experts - perhaps glades - would be great. Thanks a lot I think this is a very enjoyable game.

it's already in there, just click on layers and than difficulty


You should be able to upgrade lifts with a button because currently, deleting and replacing lifts causes runs to disconnect from the top of the lift.

Le jeu sera t'il disponible sur android plus tard. Sa serais super pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas l'avoir sur PC, Macheter etc...

Bonjour, nous n'avons pas prévu d'adapter Snowtopia pour mobile. C'est plus une question de performance des appareils Android que de manque de volonté de notre part. Ce jeu est bien trop gourmand pour eux je le crains :)

Bonjour TeaForTwoGames, 

vous pouvez faire le jeux en unity, parce que la, on peux faire les versions pour tous les choses mediale, comme android, ios, macOs, Windows, Linux, PS, etc. 

Et aussi: J´aime votre jeux video!!!

Looks like a great game. Unfortunately it turns into a slideshow on my computer. Mac, 2,2 Ghz Intel Core i7, Intel HD Graphics 6000.

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Great Alpha!

Trying my best to stay away from questions the Devs have answered but I haven't gone through every comment -sorry if there are repeats here.

1) Only repeating because its the biggest issue currently: Like others, I'm experiencing an issue of skiers becoming stuck at trail intersections and not being able to stop at some mid-mountain lifts.

2) An option to change the camera angle by holding left-click (or whatever programmable button) and moving the mouse would go a really long way for polishing the interface. The buttons feel clunky and imprecise.

3) An option for grid and/or color gradient topography views would be helpful.

4) Closing runs. For deleting/editing high traffic runs without stranding skiers.

5) Editing runs. Could each 'click' on a run be made a movable point so runs can be edited without deleting the whole thing? Or possibly deleting only a section for bigger runs and linking runs together for smaller runs.

6) Designated intersections. Could help with the stuck skier issue mentioned in my first point. Similar to "SLOW" signs at real resorts, making an area where skiers take caution and allowing for multiple trails to merge, and/or a lift to be placed (possibly without the penalty of boring advanced skiers). Essentially creating a small base, but without a lodge. Could also clean up messy pylons where trails overlap slightly but not enough to merge.

**EDIT: Lifts are bugged (not rope-tows or gondolas). Tried to delete 2 different lifts and neither were removed from the map. They collided when I tried to replace with a gondola and would accept workers but did not continue to operate with them. 

Tried to save and reload but the game saved over both of my game files despite the fact that I only clicked 'save' once. Both files were overwritten and had the same date/time/hours. Neither save loaded but showed the base camp with no runs or features. If I can tell you anything else to help you figure this out let me know**

Really enjoyed the Alpha and can't wait for the full release!

Snowtopia Version 0.8.7 (No experience with previous versions)

Windows 10 - i7 6700 - Nvidia RTX 2060 mini -- No performance issues

Windows 10 - i5 6500 - Intel Integrated Graphics 530 -- Unplayable slideshow

when will the next update be?

End of February

It´s already the 7th of march and there is no newer version available.... I can´t wait

Has your wish been granted ?

Does the game update on its self?

Only if you're playing through itchio's application. Otherwise, you need to download it all over again.

Hey it's me again could you respond, IF YOU DO REALLY READ THIS,on here my email is glitchen.

12. Should be able to host olympics, maybe if you add the my skier thing where you could ski let him or her play in it as well, with solomon and all that 



Hi! I do read, but not every morning as I'm part of the dev team ^^

Anyway, thanks for playing! To answer your 'suggestions':

1. You can use itchio application or wait for the release on Steam. Itchio application deal with update automatically. if you don't use it, you have to erase the old version and download the new on at every update.

2. Yes! We're working on it

3. Yes!

4. Snowtopia is based on self-managed society. There will be no money.

5. YES! The best part, obviously haha

6. Yes!

7. We would like (very much) a night and day cycle as well, but it's a very long term goal for us.

8. Topology is so important in this game that we don't know yet if this random system will be adequate.

9. First person camera is a big yes

10. Sorry, I didn't get this one

11. We're focusing the development on the skiing area and not on the accommodation in the village. But we do have specialization system in mind for this part.

12. Events and stuff like that would be great. But it's also a long term feature. Or a very simple one.

Have a good day!

Hello! This game is a great idea but there needs to be some updates:

1. There needs to be an easier way to open the game

2. There needs to be different types of restaurants, ski patrol look outs, ski schools, hotels, and etc.

3. There should also be weather like Conabadicus said below and snow machines

4. There should be admission prices and things like rentals that we can change or edit

5. There should be accidents in which the ski patrol come and help

(ALSO- the money thing shouldn't affect the ability to build)

6. There should be a thing where you can change if it's fenced or not and a way to add moguls and jumps stuff like that (ALSO- grooming machines)

7. Another thing would be night skiing (So you would add torches that we would place)

8. The map is really nice cause it's big with unlimited possibilities but, it would be cool if we could make our own seed if you will or have other maps as well

9. This is an idea I have gotten from another leading tycoon style game: SO you should add a way that you could ski yourself to see what it's like that right there I would pay good money to play

10. There should be a way to have chutte runs along boulders like if you look up DEELEY, in Utah- huge and super fancy resort and ski runs

11. There should finally have a way to build a big resort along anywhere on the map/also roads and to be able to name and houses along the runs if wanted 

Thank You So Much!

Can't Wait To Play With These Updates


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Doesn´t work :-(. Just after Start game - I choose resort - Loading (approx. 3 sec and jumps back to windows). Windows 10

Hi! Thanks for your bug report. I transferred to the devs. it should help them find your problem.

Thanks for the game, was actually thinking it would be cool to have a ski resort tycoon. Here are some ideas that I'm sure you've already got in development.

1. Having a hard time with connecting runs to hubs. Maybe add a tool that allows you to flatten out some space. For example I might have a gondola up the valley to a hub location where several runs will come down, and they can continue down from there if they wish, or get right back on the chairlift from the hub. I think the game only considers the connections and makes them run from the top all the way down.  Dunno! Either way, I have a hard time with connecting runs, sometimes I build a gondola to a peak and then start the run a little further off, but they cant get there. If I then make a run from the gondola landing to the beginning of that run, it doesn't quite consider them as the same run? 

Sorry that was long winded. In Short - a tool for flattening a larger area to act as a landing for other runs would be nice!

2. Whats the difference between large and medium runs, a tool tip would help

3. Could use info screens, displaying all the runs and their statistics, usage etc. Select runs from that screen, etc.

4. Money management - entrance/tickets, vending, lodging, rentals, etc. (im sure that is all in the works)

5. Competition from other resorts?

6. Snowboards

7. Accidents, Ski Patrol/Staff

8. Ski Schools & Slope management 

9. Public events like races, olympic rental?  

10. Global warming!?

11. SNOW CONDITION! Snow making for that matter/ weather forecast.

Man I think I would really love running a ski resort.

Hi! Thanks for playing :)

About your suggestions...

1. Yes! We know the actual tool for construction is not enough and we are working on ways to improve it. Thanks for your very complete insights :)

2. Actually, there is no difference between those two type of ski runs... It's cosmetic. It will change when attendance will increase the risk of falling.

3. Agreed! It's planned :)

4. There will be no money in Snowtopia. The whole game system will rely on skier's satisfaction.

5. No money, no competition. But big expectations from skiers and skiers with very different expectations.

6. Snowboards --> yes!

7. Accidents, Ski Patrol/Staff --> yes!

8. Ski Schools & Slope management  --> yes!

9. Public events like races, olympic rental?  --> I still don't know how, but i'd like to.

10. Global warming!? --> no but a big concern for environment

11. SNOW CONDITION! --> yes!

I hope you like those answers!

See you around

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Great game, but a couple of suggestions.

Could you maybe make a Low Detail mode for slower computers? Mine only as an i5 processor and no graphics card so the game runs prety slow for me.

Also, the lift lengths! Argh! They are so short compared to the map you provide. Pls increase the gondola length to 800m at least, to cover a big more map without having 3 gondolas to reach the other side of the map.

Speaking of lifts, you could also join lifts. Say if there are two resorts, you can join up the middle lift station so people from both resorts get off at that lift station.

Also, snow parks. Jumps etc would be cool to see in the future... But mostly the lift length. Quite Annoying and unrealistic to have lots of lifts...

On the note of realism, maybe make a career mode, where you only have a certain amount of time to get a certain amount of skiers, you have a budget, can set costs of lift prices etc. (i could go on all day)

Great game, cant wait do download/buy the full version!

Hi! Thanks for your feedback and for playing the game. We still have a lot to do to balance the game and data such as lift length. It depends on other stuff we still have to implement. A lot will change before early access.

Stay tune to get the full version!

Hey, as an old Ski veteran i love to create my own snow empire. Love this game, great idea!

After playing a while i noticed that there is some major lagging when entering fast forward mode >>>. From what I saw, I would guess that there are too many moving objects, that has to be calculated within the frame, so the fps drops (Since CPU and GPU performance doesn't really change between the 3 speed modes). With normal speed it's O.K.,with double Speed >> there some minor lags, but with fast forward >>> it isn't enjoyable any more.


- 38 Lifts (most of them max length)

- about 100 -150 ski runs

- ~ 1800 skiers

my first idea was, that the skiers are the problem, but analyzing the moving stuff all around my snow empire, i recognized, that the lifts as well are a bunch of little moving bastards (50 -100 gondolas/chairs per Lift) * 38 = 3800 objects + 1800 skiers -> 5600 moving Entities altogether. Since you're working with unity, you may should try ECS (Entity-Component-System), which have great effect on games with a lot of Entities moving the same way (like your chairs/gondolas and skiers).

Or Simply don't calculate each step of the movement on >>> mode but interpolate between each 10th step or something like this.

PLease try to fix this, cause playing on >>> mode is not pleasant in the later game.

best regards, Chris

Hi Chris! Thanks for playing and for your comments.

Yes, the game still has some performance issues. Skiers, slopes and lifts are the guilty ones. Our developers are working on it, one step at a time.

It should be fixed by the release day.

Hope to see you then!

Hey, for some reason I cant update Snowtopia. I am really excited to try the new map but I can't seem to update it. Any of you guys know why or how?

Hi! I'm not sure what your problem is, but it's not realy an update. It's more a new version (an improved one) of the game. you have to erase the older version and to download the new one.

Does it help?

Hey, Just wondering If you would be adding snowboarders too? 


Hi. I just found your game on steam and tried it. I love it, especially the graphic style. I do have gathered some feedback after an hour of gameplay. For the record, I know its not ready and basically an empty shell yet.

things I would improve:

  • I can't move the camera with the mouse, only keys, why?
  • make the villages lively, with cars, pedestrians, maybe outside connections with travellers
  • the top stations of lifts float
  • slopes are only visible through the barriers, maybe add a different pattern of snow, different barriers, signs, advertisement banners, etc
  • there is no general management yet (although I guess it will be by release?)

things I would add:

  • restaurants at the top of ski lifts, apline cafes, etc
  • shops in the valleys
  • snowcat vehicles (omg please), and the like
  • terraforming, planting trees
  • emergencies
  • first person POVs

Yea thats it for now, I will keep on checking on you and at release I will be one of the first to purchase, promise ;D

hold down mouse scroll button and look around :)

Hi! Thanks for playing and for the feedback :) Almost all of this target points are planned, except terraforming and shops in the valley. I hope you'll enjoy the result!

See you then

Hello Again- Just one thing- Frozen Peak is very buggy. I can't save my game on it,  and it Crashes alot- 3 times for me. 

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, we've done a lot of fixing on the last update and released a new build. I hope you tried it :)

See you to the next update!


Nice Update! You fixed the unrealistic lengths, and the problem of names not saving. I also love the new lift designs, the new map, and map mode. You even added little trail signs.

The new map is awesome- however, the big peak in the corner starts to lag when you get close, and also, when I loaded my game in that map, the trees were gone. 

I hope I don't rush you and hope you have happy holidays!

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