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Build your own ski resort and meet the expectations of challenging visitors in the ever-changing world of Snowtopia!

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Design the perfect ski resort

Design ski runs and build cable cars but also improve the resort and manage the workforce to attract ski lovers of all kind. Will you create a charming village or a sprawling network? That’s up to you!

Satisfy challenging visitors

In Snowtopia, the proper functioning of your station rely on the well-being of visitors. Choose wisely the ones you want to attract in your station and find a way to keep them happy!

Enjoy the surrounding mountains

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, take a break and enjoy the view. Snowtopia is a feelgood game that immerses you in an atmosphere between wild nature and wintry joy.

About the game

Snowtopia is a ski resort construction game with a hint of strategy and respect for the environment. It is intended for ski enthusiasts and tycoon players.

Support: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Release date: to be announced


  • Build and manage your ski resorts
  • Trace trails and place lifts
  • Unlock challenging skier profiles
  • Design the ski area and allocate the workforce
  • Maintain balance within the mountain
  • Improve facilities and specialize your stations

About the team

This project is developed by the Tea for two studio, an independent studio located in Ivry-sur-Seine (France). In case you had any question, comment or feedback about Snowtopia, feel free to get in touch with us at contact@teafortwogames.fr or to signup to our newsletter.


  • Main developer: Garry Williams
  • Producer: Anne Lautrou
  • Artist: Arthur Bourdot, Théo Jacquemin
  • Game designer: Julien Barbe
  • Marketing specialist: Yannick Elahee
  • Additional help: Judicaelle Live Lun, Benjamin Frydman, Antonin Ferret, Clément Grenier, Claire Bléhaut

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