Game update 3: allocate the workforce to manage waiting lines

Build the ideal ski resort. Satisfy skiers need. Improve your facility. Welcome to the wintery world of Snowtopia, a world where everyone should feel welcomed. Can you live up to this challenge?


Hello everyone!

Here comes the third update with a lot of new features including:
- A foundation for the gameplay, introducing workforce for ski lifts and future buildings
- More ingame informations with the attendance layer and lift waiting lines
- A rework of the skier pathfinding for much better performances now and in the long run

The objective in this update is to focus the game experience on traffic flows and skiers satisfaction. Make sure skiers can enjoy ski runs with consistent difficulty and avoid runs that are to easy or to hard for them.

Beware of waiting lines and ski runs of uneven difficulty!

We can't wait to read your feedback :D


The alpha version now available is the fruit of ten months work and features a single sandbox level with straightforward objectives aimed at providing a glimpse of the scope we envision for our game. This sandbox alpha provides us an opportunity to get invaluable feedback from the players. It’s our first game as an independent studio, so don’t hesitate to share this alpha. We’ll need every support available.

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come :)

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