Surface lifts up and running in the world of Snowtopia!

Establish and develop your very own resort, while meeting the needs of skiers in the stimulating world of Snowtopia.


We are particularly pleased to be able to provide this additional content and we hope you like it. We believe these familiar fixtures bring a lot to the game.

To recap, this update includes:

  • Surface lifts,
  • Slope levelling,
  • Smart pylon positioning.

Have fun and feel free to contact us ( if you like these improvements or if you spot a bug!


The alpha version now available is the fruit of four months work and features a single sandbox level with straightforward objectives aimed at providing a glimpse of the scope we envision for our game. This sandbox alpha provides us an opportunity to get invaluable feedback from the players. It’s our first game as an independent studio, so don’t hesitate to share this alpha. We’ll need every support available.

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come :)

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Overall a great start. I would like to see some mountain operations included in the game. I was thinking snowmaking with actual snow gun placements and whales forming, different types of snowcats, and possibly some parks. To go into more detail, I was thinking either a fan gun set up or an expansion into low energy guns like HKD or Snow Logic to high energy guns like Ratniks. Also, abilities to open and close runs and lifts would be awesome.