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This really is a great game and IMHO a great deal of potential. Very unique - I haven't seen any other games like this. Great concept and the playability so far is fantastic.


Thanks a lot for your comment fordhamflash! Glad to know you like Snowtopia!

How do you play the game!

What are the Mac system specs?

Saw the game on a "notepad compact" made by on YouTube some weeks ago and finally had a chance to install it on my Linux-Gaming-PC and give it a try.

So far, it's running smooth and fine in Full-HD with graphics set to "Ultra".

Definitely going to watch that game and looking forward to more content to be added. Looks promising! Keep it up!


Played Val d'Isère Ski Park Manager long long times ago and really liked it. From what the first Alpha shows there might finally be again a proper Ski resort simulator! Keep up the good work! I am really looking forward to your progress. I have also some suggestions which I think would be really nice for the game to become more addictive:

-More Terrain modulating abilities (maybe afterwards being able to influence the difficulty level of the slope)

-Possibility to alter the width of a slope section by drag and drop

-Changing Snow Conditions

-Snow grooming/snow machines

-More lift types (different chair lifts, small conveyor belt lift, different gondolas)

-Building of Lodges and Other accomodation

-Direct Feedback from Skiers why they might like or dislike something or smiley symbols above their head

-Differrent maps

Other things that might be of consideration:

-Lift personell and maintenance personell

-First Aid and Rescue of Skiers

-Bars, Supermarket, Shopping and Entertainment Buildings (swimming pool etc)

-Allow to create Ski routes or Ski areas where Skiers can ski off piste

It's a pity that there are so few games in this genre. I've played a few, which are older than a decade already, and love to see a new game being developed. I just jumped into the alpha to have a quick look, and found myself still playing after 2 hours. Although there are only limited features at the moment, I instantly fell in love with only creating lifts and slopes. Especially being able to plan the runs to fulfill a certain difficulty makes is so much fun to plan your next steps accordingly, e.g. connect the villages and key lifts always by beginner runs and extend the offer by harder difficulty slopes. After playing well over an hour, the game turned more and more laggy and unplayable (and the sound went crazy), with 10k+ guests it's no surprise I guess at this stage of development. Please, continue the work on this awesome game! Can't wait to play it again as soon as a save game option is available.


Please! Add a save game function! Please!

I love this game but that is really annoying that i cant save my game!

Good job! Thanks for this game!

I like this game very much! I wold like to see more features in the future such as more buildings (hotels,food,ect.), terrain tools, naming your resort, staff and staff rooms , more maps, and skiing events (races). I hope this feedback will help you.                                                                                                                                                                                                  ---binxter

Awesome Game!

So far so good and only minor glitching. 

Things I would like:

-Terrain parks

-Lodges on and off the mountain

-Snow grooming/snow machines

-Snow conditions

-Off piste skiing

I would love to see these things added. I know it is only Alpha and this is just a test of your game but I would like to see it be more tycoon-y. such as lodge management, maintenance, , buying snow machines, rentals etc. 

Thanks for making this game. It is one of a kind and very unique.

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Great Game!

I love this game. It's a bit glitchy, but nice.

Some improvements I would like:

-Being able to name your trails and lifts

-Designating terrain parks and race courses

-Naming your resort

-Making Lodges on and off the mountain

Other additions I would like:

-Snow Conditions

-Being able to groom trails, but not having to groom all of them

-Differrent maps area to build your ski area on (Eg. East US, West US, Alps

Some things that i don't like and hope you will improve:

-Trails that should be green are blue, and greens have to almost be flat same goes with should-be blues are reds, etc.

-Sometimes my lifts lag into the snow

-There's a limit of how long you can make your lift

-Also, can you add saving your game (So you could continue what you started yesterday) 

I know you are trying to stop the glitches that start happening at around 2000 skiers

That's All!

Thanks for making the game! You are working hard and I hope the final edition will be much better. After a while i get bored, so please add more!

It looks cool but how can you start playing it.

What do you mean ? Did you download the game on your PC ? Did you launch it ? Where are you stuck ?

Yes I downloaded it but it says "it may be dangerous".

Ok. I've already seen issues like that. Are you using a mac device ? If you are, then the question you can address the internet is : how to open a mac app from an unidentified developer. Let me know is things get better for you :)

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Haha, you're welcome! Have a nice day :)

Wow. Im interested in game dev too, and seeing something this great is amazing. Please keep up the great work, I really enjoy this game and think the core gameplay is really fun.

What an amazing game. I only downloaded Itch yesterday but already I feel like I found a real gem that will only get better as development continues. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next. Great job!

I simply love the tranquility of this game (at least in the current sandbox mode). It's just so nice when I can't go skiing myself.

A few suggestions:

  • It needs to be easier to select skiers (to view their experiences; maybe there should be some stats on the individual pistes themselves, rather than the skiers?).
  • A topographic view of the map (with altitude lines, as used for hiking) would greatly aid planning interesting pistes by avoiding hitting "white bits" after having planned most of one.
  • Also --at least on my slow machine-- the view navigation (rotate, zoom, pan) is much too coarse and continues way after I've stopped giving inputs with the mouse. This means that any movement must be in multiple tiny delicate steps (especially since there isn't yet an effective way to view slope angles).

I'm very curious how this will evolve, and will definitely follow along. Keep up the great work!


Incredible game. So excited to see it develop!!! I have been looking for a game like this for the last decade! As a skier and lover of simulation games, so many thoughts (outside the super obvious):

- Weather - how does snow conditions, weather conditions etc. effect visitor numbers. Does altitude of runs affect snow quality? Avalanche safety. Do runs and lifts need to be closed due to high avalanche risk or lack of snow. Would be great if each season followed an arch from Autumn through Spring and then it skips the summer.

- Lift Queues - would be awesome to see people actually wait in a line

- Dissatisfaction with busy runs

- Off piste and Tree Skiing options - would be sick if you could almost 'paint brush' these areas/routes

- Grooming, Snow Making and Terrain Parks

- Trails - this is super common in real ski resorts as a way of opening up a ton of terrain without another lift, never seen this executed in a game.

- Convex and Concave slopes. Current map has mostly concave - no huge bowls like you see in North America 

- Lift variety - I realise it is early days, but I would love to see a few different chairlifts, which go different speeds, different distances and different capacities

Just wanted to flag a bug. I was playing - laying down new runs. It made the sound effects as if the run was created. I could create additional new runs/lifts and the visitor counter kept going up but all the lifts and skiers stopped. Then when I created new runs the error continued. See screenshot.

Un idée simple faite un Utipe ou un tipeee/A Idea make a Utipe or one tipeee  

I have some ideas for the game: Add different maps, add a Tram feature for lifts, and fix bug issues for when you build a chairlift and the chairs go through the rock/ground. Anyways love the game! Keep up the good work! :)

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That's the plan! Thanks for playing the game and sharing your feedbacks :)

Very impressed by this alpha! This is overall very cute and statisfies an old craving of mine. Obviously you people are putting your heart in this and that's so cool, it's a niche game in the best of ways! I'll be looking forward for more with delight :)

Also, I know it's bound to become a Tycoon/management game but pleaaaaase keep the sandbox aspect too as an extra mode or something, it feels great to be able to just design one's dream resort without limitations. Not saying it should be the main mode or anything, but that's already a strength in the game as it is ;)

Nicest review ever! Thanks :) Yes, we agree with you and are planning to keep the sandbox mode.

I dont know how to get people into the resort, i made the runs and was into day 5 still with no one at the resort. I dont know if it's just me (i use windows) so please add that to the "how to play" section. Love the concept! sad i couldnt fully enjoy it

Hi! Could you share a Screenshot so we can have a look at your issue ?

So far, LOVING this game!! It's just great and has SO much potential and the fact the developers are listening to us enhances this entire experience!!

An issue I am encountering: After playing for about 15-20 mins, the music and sound starts to skip, as if the game starts to lag. I don't make any increases to size, the graphics don't slow down, it is only the sound. Not sure if this is something that only I am experiencing or if others have reported this, but wanted to give a heads-up. Thanks for ALL that you are doing to give us an amazing "toy" to play with ;)

Hi! You're the first one to report this issue but we'll definitively keep it in mind. Thanks!

Love the game so far.

One minor issue: The executable in the linux version is called "Swnotopia" instead of "Snowtopia"

Thanks, we'll fix it at the next update :)


Whaaaat...! Why ? I don't know where to start. Tell us what's going on.

Oh, sorry about that. I had it downloaded but I didn’t know how to install it. Now I have it all figured out. It’s kind of complicated installing games on PCs.

Glad you made it!

No, it's not. You download it, you install it. Simple.

I mean, there isn't just one store for everything like on a tablet.

Absolutely love this game! I program in Unity too, and it's so cool to see such an awesome game made in it. One comment: this guy has died xD (see top right of image)

the best game of ski for ever 

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Totally love this game!

It crashed after 2071 skiers :)

There seems to be a problem with trees though. All of my lifts and pistes go through trees

Sorry the game crashed :[

The new version will handle a lot more skiers, and there won't be any more trees on the pistes!

I love the game! But I am not able to play it :(

Did you figure it out? There have been a new release, built with a new version of Unity, it may be worth giving it a shot.

This is working great on Mac -- avid skier -- I'll be back -- happy to see how this game develops!

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Really loving this game and I've spent a lot of time just following the terrain with the tool. So relaxing and enticingly frustrating trying to figure out how the AI works and how to design around it. I've definitely spent more than enough hours into the game just enjoying it's relaxing nature.

Are there more levels available now? I feel like my game once loaded into a different level/map where the mountain(s) were different. If so, is there a way to select load into them?  Is that something that is going to be included in the next release? 

Anyways, great game, really enjoying it at this stage. Can't wait for the Kickstarter to launch. 

PS, is there any insight you can give off to what sort of runs each skier type wants/likes? The Slalomer is particularly puzzling to me. 

The next step for us will be to add some management elements, so the satisfaction part should become clearer. From what I remember, Slalomers are good skiers but enjoy easy slopes. So blue is the best for them but red is ok.

That explaines why my ratings are so low from them. I hardly had any blues!

Tested the Linux version, seems to work quite nicely. Have it installed in the itch client, so I will keep checking back each time it updates, great to see Linux support being tested so early <3

All the best with the game!

Thanks for playing the game and for the nice feedback :)


Hello :)

I am also having a download problem, game just refuses to start after extracting files, shame as it looks good.

Quick question are you likely to publish this game on "Steam", hopefully so as I'm sure you'll attract a big audience there.

Yes, we'll publish the game on Steam. Not now, but in due time. About the problem you encountered, we're working on the next version of the game. I hope we can fix this issue. Thanks for letting us know about this problem :)


i having issues with downloading :(

What is happening ? Did you contact ? Because I don't think that we can do a lot about the downloading part. Just let us know if you don't find any solution. We'll find a way to send you the alpha.

its seemed fixed now cause i cleared cache so all good now - i loved the game :3

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guys you made a dream come true, looking for such a game for years, great thanks. i'm an fanatical ski skier for years now, and i love this game. but in the windows version i can't touch on the house button and tree, and i can't save any game.

Hi! There is a lot more content we're planning to add to the game. Hope you enjoyed the alpha so far and see you along the way!

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i'm really enjoying the game, i have a game concept like this in my head for years now, (i've writtin it on paper a lot, but i dont can program or art) , i've got maybe a few thing that has potential for in this game

I love this game, but I think there are a few important things. 

- Make chairlift span and gondola span longer or make different sized chairlifts that go different lengths 

- Make a tram that can go farther than anything 

- Be able to customize village and lodging and on mountain food service 

- Ski Patrol and grooming element 

- Terrain Park run 

- Add a season element to it, the beginning of a ski season and end, add snow storms and different conditions, like avalaches and thin cover, be able to open and close lifts and runs.

- Add money, and be able to name your run, lifts, and resorts

If you can add a few of these in the future it would be sooooo cool. I love your game so far. 

Hi! Thanks for playing the game. See you at the next step when there will be more content in it!

The mac version won't unzip, it's only 22 bytes.

It seems I messed up somewhere while uploading the build. I'm uploading it again, should be up in about 10 minutes!

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Really fun and beautiful, this game has a lot of potential!

The Linux version runs smooth on the lowest settings but the game still looks pretty.

Hi! Thanks for passing by :) Always happy to now the game is working fine for you!

This game looks amazing but I haven't got the chance to try it baecause I can't get it to launch on windows 10

Hi! sorry it didn't work for you. We're working on the next version of the game. We'll make it better so you can play it.


I can't get this to work on Deepin OS, a Debian based Linux distro. Get a blank white screen. Any ideas?


try downloading off of if that doesn't work, sorry!

Hello, are you on a 32bit or 64bit system? The game is currently built as a 32bit executable, I'll update it to include the 64bit version as well.

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The best winter tycoon that I ever seen!!

I wait from 2002 (there was published a similar game: Ski park manager) and now Tea for two studio published this!
Cool Game, i love it

Hi! And thanks for playing the game :)

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