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Love the game so far.

One minor issue: The executable in the linux version is called "Swnotopia" instead of "Snowtopia"

Thanks, we'll fix it at the next update :)


Whaaaat...! Why ? I don't know where to start. Tell us what's going on.

Oh, sorry about that. I had it downloaded but I didn’t know how to install it. Now I have it all figured out. It’s kind of complicated installing games on PCs.

Glad you made it!

No, it's not. You download it, you install it. Simple.

I mean, there isn't just one store for everything like on a tablet.

Absolutely love this game! I program in Unity too, and it's so cool to see such an awesome game made in it. One comment: this guy has died xD (see top right of image)

the best game of ski for ever 

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Totally love this game!

It crashed after 2071 skiers :)

There seems to be a problem with trees though. All of my lifts and pistes go through trees

Sorry the game crashed :[

The new version will handle a lot more skiers, and there won't be any more trees on the pistes!

I love the game! But I am not able to play it :(

Did you figure it out? There have been a new release, built with a new version of Unity, it may be worth giving it a shot.

This is working great on Mac -- avid skier -- I'll be back -- happy to see how this game develops!

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Really loving this game and I've spent a lot of time just following the terrain with the tool. So relaxing and enticingly frustrating trying to figure out how the AI works and how to design around it. I've definitely spent more than enough hours into the game just enjoying it's relaxing nature.

Are there more levels available now? I feel like my game once loaded into a different level/map where the mountain(s) were different. If so, is there a way to select load into them?  Is that something that is going to be included in the next release? 

Anyways, great game, really enjoying it at this stage. Can't wait for the Kickstarter to launch. 

PS, is there any insight you can give off to what sort of runs each skier type wants/likes? The Slalomer is particularly puzzling to me. 

The next step for us will be to add some management elements, so the satisfaction part should become clearer. From what I remember, Slalomers are good skiers but enjoy easy slopes. So blue is the best for them but red is ok.

That explaines why my ratings are so low from them. I hardly had any blues!

Tested the Linux version, seems to work quite nicely. Have it installed in the itch client, so I will keep checking back each time it updates, great to see Linux support being tested so early <3

All the best with the game!

Thanks for playing the game and for the nice feedback :)


Hello :)

I am also having a download problem, game just refuses to start after extracting files, shame as it looks good.

Quick question are you likely to publish this game on "Steam", hopefully so as I'm sure you'll attract a big audience there.

Yes, we'll publish the game on Steam. Not now, but in due time. About the problem you encountered, we're working on the next version of the game. I hope we can fix this issue. Thanks for letting us know about this problem :)


i having issues with downloading :(

What is happening ? Did you contact ? Because I don't think that we can do a lot about the downloading part. Just let us know if you don't find any solution. We'll find a way to send you the alpha.

its seemed fixed now cause i cleared cache so all good now - i loved the game :3

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guys you made a dream come true, looking for such a game for years, great thanks. i'm an fanatical ski skier for years now, and i love this game. but in the windows version i can't touch on the house button and tree, and i can't save any game.

Hi! There is a lot more content we're planning to add to the game. Hope you enjoyed the alpha so far and see you along the way!

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i'm really enjoying the game, i have a game concept like this in my head for years now, (i've writtin it on paper a lot, but i dont can program or art) , i've got maybe a few thing that has potential for in this game

I love this game, but I think there are a few important things. 

- Make chairlift span and gondola span longer or make different sized chairlifts that go different lengths 

- Make a tram that can go farther than anything 

- Be able to customize village and lodging and on mountain food service 

- Ski Patrol and grooming element 

- Terrain Park run 

- Add a season element to it, the beginning of a ski season and end, add snow storms and different conditions, like avalaches and thin cover, be able to open and close lifts and runs.

- Add money, and be able to name your run, lifts, and resorts

If you can add a few of these in the future it would be sooooo cool. I love your game so far. 

Hi! Thanks for playing the game. See you at the next step when there will be more content in it!

The mac version won't unzip, it's only 22 bytes.

It seems I messed up somewhere while uploading the build. I'm uploading it again, should be up in about 10 minutes!

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Really fun and beautiful, this game has a lot of potential!

The Linux version runs smooth on the lowest settings but the game still looks pretty.

Hi! Thanks for passing by :) Always happy to now the game is working fine for you!

This game looks amazing but I haven't got the chance to try it baecause I can't get it to launch on windows 10

Hi! sorry it didn't work for you. We're working on the next version of the game. We'll make it better so you can play it.


I can't get this to work on Deepin OS, a Debian based Linux distro. Get a blank white screen. Any ideas?


try downloading off of if that doesn't work, sorry!

Hello, are you on a 32bit or 64bit system? The game is currently built as a 32bit executable, I'll update it to include the 64bit version as well.

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The best winter tycoon that I ever seen!!

I wait from 2002 (there was published a similar game: Ski park manager) and now Tea for two studio published this!
Cool Game, i love it

Hi! And thanks for playing the game :)

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Hey, this is a wonderful game which I enjoy very much... but there is one HUGE problem... lag. I've played it on a laptop with a geforce 1060 and a pc with a 1080, which should handle this game very well. But once I hit around 5 chairlifts it starts cutting frames every few seconds which makes the game nearly unplayable...  Would really love a responce KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. (and please fix this I'll play the game so much more)

edit: will have a video in a few minutes, also I play on windows if that is the problem :D

Decided to get it off of as I saw a comment about it. IT WORKED and this is what I made (took a screenshot now just because it was about to crash, still building though, just VERY slowly) 

Finally crashed after 92 runs and 1152 skiers... Had a great time playing a working version  would send you a final product image  but you know, it crashed.  Although if you optimize this more I'd have an even greater time :D

I'd expect the game to give you way more experts than beginners with the amount of black ski runs you have :P

In the end, I had the same issues as you when I reached about 3k skiers... It was on the brink of crashing.

This is quite the interesting alpha build you have got going!
I spent a while fiddling with it and found it enjoyable - even if it's rough around the edges.
I sent you guys a feedback form - hope it's useful.

here's some images of my enterprise: 

This is turning out to be a great game, looking forward to it a lot! I just made the park you see above. The number of guests is stil going up rapidly. I just have a few lifts, so they're almost all near or at max capacity hahaha. Love the fact that there's actually 3 different 'villages', and the pathfinding between those 3 and all the slopes seems to be really good. Was fun to play around with!


Got the guest number up to over 4300 before it finally crashed  :p

great game, real potetial in this game really looking forward to the full version. Only doesnt seem to like when you get more then 1600 skiers 

Haha, yes, we still have some optimization to make... And we'll do it! Thanks for playing the alpha :)

Took a shot at the alpha and built a horrible nightmare park of endless runs and chairlifts - guests loved it! Haha. It's has a promising start to build off of, but it was still a little too sandboxy at this stage. I play the occasional tycoon game and resource management and all those various factors to keep an eye on are big selling points for me. I'm interested to see how the game will play once that stuff is added in (assuming that's your direction). The visuals are nice and clean and the music is great! Reminded me a little of the Risk of Rain soundtrack, which is stellar. Anyways, I'm curious to see how this game will turn out as development continues. Included more of my impressions in the video below. Good luck with it guys!

I saw the video on youtube and added it to our playlist. Thanks! Hope you'll be there when we'll add some content :) Cause yes, this alpha was meant to be a sandbox and we're planning to add management elements. See you then!

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Loving the game so far even though it has limited options. A few minor bugs such as the ones mentioned in posts below. I definitely think this game has a lot of potential and would love to play this on my stream when it's getting closer to actual release!

A few things I'd love to see added or changed in the game:

- While building a slope, a status bar which shows what difficulty level the slope will be if you finish it so you can change it on the go, instead of just finding that out in the end

- Restaurants, both in town and on the slopes

- Hotels & management thereof

- Adding slopes with moguls or extra options for extra difficulty

- Adding ski parks with boxes, rails, jumps, slalom,...

- surface lifts such as T-bars (maybe adding beginner/kids zones) (EDIT: didn't see that there was already a menu button for that)

- Management style options, such as slope preparation (and the involved costs, schedules,..), restaurant and hotel staff,...

- Being able to connect multiple villages instead of having only 1 village on a map

- ...

Again, loving the game so far, and excited to see where it's going! Happy holidays!

Hi! Thanks for playing the alpha :) And yes, we can't wait to add content... There is so much we'd like to implement into the game! This year is going to be fantastic :D

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Great game got 1240 skiers and over 30 slopes. Few small bugs i imagen they will be fixed soon. Would love to see things you can add like jumps, fun park, and restaurants. or maybe even hotels and such so you can realy manage your resort

And ofcourse the best thing: Co-Op

this game has potential, keep up the good work

Thanks for playing the alpha! We can't wait to add more content and gameplay. Hope to see you then!

Great Game Guys! I really enjoyed playing it! However sometimes my game froze right when I wanted to place my track and, when it returned, the track was already placed in a way I didn't wanted. Next, when u pass 999 skiers it shows the number on 2 lanes(I saw that someone else had this issue). Even though I had around 2k skiers, the tracks were still not as full as I expected. In my opinion they should be almost full with so much people. Besides that, I think a financial section added to the game will make it more addictive but it s likely that you are working on this. And a question: Why are my skiers unhappy although they have enjoyable tracks and plenty of them to ride. Those are my thoughts about the game.  I think it will rock! Good luck!

And btw it s freezing to me too every 2-3 seconds. I have i7 8750H with gtx 1060 6gb so I guess it isn't about the power of the laptop. It happened since I had 2-3  hundreds skiers.

Hi! Thanks for playing the alpha :) We still have a lot of optimization to make. Freezing issues should be fixed then (well, that's the plan). About tracks not being full enough, I don't now yet what we'll do about it, but your feedback totally make sense and we'll keep it in mind. Last: if your skiers are not happy, did you checked log entries? If you select a skier, you should have a look at it.

Have a great day!


This may be because I have a laptop/don't use a mouse or maybe just because I'm dumb but I can't figure out how to zoom in/out and rotate the camera.

Hi! You can change the controls while launching the game. But yes, zooming and rotating need a mouse with the original configuration.

Would love to play this, however the game won't launch for me. It first recognized it as a virus and my pc would delete the file. I put it in quarantine but it still won't start the game. I have an i7, 16GB RAM and a 1050 so i guess that's not a problem? ant ideas?

via it seems to be working better, only windows defender thinks it is a virus now but you can disable that. But when i try to load it up, the logo appears with a red exclamation mark, it loads to about 20% and then shuts down. Really want to play this :)

got it to work on another computer. Still a weird error

Well, that's strange... We'll see what we can do (let's hope we can do something about it).


Great game !!!!! so glad i can play it on 32bit computer too!!!! Thanks again! Really great talent!

Thanks :D We're glad you enjoyed it!!

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi, thanks for asking! To be honest, we will not implement the save option in the alpha version. It requires development time that we prefer to use elsewhere. When the game will be powerful enough to support thousands of skiers, we will reconsider our decision, I promise :)


Adding a Day/Night cycle would be awesome to see skiers descending with lights

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That's one of the features we'd like to see in the game too :)

I fund a small bug with people counter, wich are displayed on 2 lines when it comes to long numbers like 2778

Haha, yes...  We have a lot of improvements to make and to be true... We didn't expect players to host that many skiers in there ski resort. Glad you made it that far!

i made a lot more and quickly, that was awesome and the performances were not bad

Glad to hear that!

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The game is fun and I enjoy it but I found a bug that you might want to fix. When you place the path that lets skiers go down it will sometimes allow you to have the house on the path. The smaller rocks also do the same thing. 

When you have to many skiers the game tends to freeze for me. At first it was running well but the more I got the more it started to lag.

I would recommend looking into unity's job system.


Yes, you're right, we still have some improvements to make and some content to add. Soon :)


Not sure what I did but I appear to have some bugged skiers - I suspect they maybe were heading to a slope which I destroyed and now the AI doesn't know what to do, they all stop right where the junction had been.

Hi! It's part of the aspects that still need some fixing. Thanks for playing to Snowtopia even thought it's not perfect :) We'll keep working on it!

The game looks great so far, this is a fantastic concept! Even in this early stage, the game is still very fun to play. However, I am having performance issues with the game freezing every few seconds (i7 8750h, GTX 1070).

Hi! Tanks for the nice feedback :) About the freezing, we'll see what we can do. Definitively have to fix it!

Deleted 2 years ago

The game looks great! But, when i try to play the camera starts spinning and wont stop.

Hi! did you try to reboot the game ? Is it rotating every time you start the game ? And also, did you try remapping the controls for camera rotation? Sorry it happens, you're at least the second person this issue happened to so we'd really like to find a solution.

Hello! I've tried resetting it and changing the bindings but to no avail. Sometimes, the camera will spin slowly and sometimes it spins fast. 

Hi! Thanks for your answers. The holidays have slowed us down considerably but we have a few leads to investigate. We hope to find a solution next week.

I figured out the glitch. If your computer has Vjoy installed it wont work. 

I love it. It has a great foundation to work on, nice aesthetics and is a joy to fiddle around with.

I hope you'll keep working on this, i'd be happy to support it.


Thanks! we really love working on this game and with all the nice feedback we get, we won't stop, for sure :D

Unable to download/install via the itchio desktop application.

Please reference this guide for instructions on how to enable it for your game.


Hello, we have uploaded a new round of versions, including OSX and Linux this time. We used this opportunity to make them available with the app!

Confirmed the game is now working in the desktop application!  Thanks!  ^_^

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