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could you ad a save game feature?

Hi, thanks for asking! To be honest, we will not implement the save option in the alpha version. It requires development time that we prefer to use elsewhere. When the game will be powerful enough to support thousands of skiers, we will reconsider our decision, I promise :)


Adding a Day/Night cycle would be awesome to see skiers descending with lights

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That's one of the features we'd like to see in the game too :)

I fund a small bug with people counter, wich are displayed on 2 lines when it comes to long numbers like 2778

Haha, yes...  We have a lot of improvements to make and to be true... We didn't expect players to host that many skiers in there ski resort. Glad you made it that far!

i made a lot more and quickly, that was awesome and the performances were not bad

Glad to hear that!

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The game is fun and I enjoy it but I found a bug that you might want to fix. When you place the path that lets skiers go down it will sometimes allow you to have the house on the path. The smaller rocks also do the same thing. 

When you have to many skiers the game tends to freeze for me. At first it was running well but the more I got the more it started to lag.

I would recommend looking into unity's job system.


Yes, you're right, we still have some improvements to make and some content to add. Soon :)


Not sure what I did but I appear to have some bugged skiers - I suspect they maybe were heading to a slope which I destroyed and now the AI doesn't know what to do, they all stop right where the junction had been.

Hi! It's part of the aspects that still need some fixing. Thanks for playing to Snowtopia even thought it's not perfect :) We'll keep working on it!

The game looks great so far, this is a fantastic concept! Even in this early stage, the game is still very fun to play. However, I am having performance issues with the game freezing every few seconds (i7 8750h, GTX 1070).

Hi! Tanks for the nice feedback :) About the freezing, we'll see what we can do. Definitively have to fix it!

are yopu playing on a laptpop?  i can play smoothly with low settings with 4gb of ram and a i5-4300u

The game looks great! But, when i try to play the camera starts spinning and wont stop.

Hi! did you try to reboot the game ? Is it rotating every time you start the game ? And also, did you try remapping the controls for camera rotation? Sorry it happens, you're at least the second person this issue happened to so we'd really like to find a solution.

Hello! I've tried resetting it and changing the bindings but to no avail. Sometimes, the camera will spin slowly and sometimes it spins fast. 

Hi! Thanks for your answers. The holidays have slowed us down considerably but we have a few leads to investigate. We hope to find a solution next week.

I figured out the glitch. If your computer has Vjoy installed it wont work. 

I love it. It has a great foundation to work on, nice aesthetics and is a joy to fiddle around with.

I hope you'll keep working on this, i'd be happy to support it.


Thanks! we really love working on this game and with all the nice feedback we get, we won't stop, for sure :D

Unable to download/install via the itchio desktop application.

Please reference this guide for instructions on how to enable it for your game.


Hello, we have uploaded a new round of versions, including OSX and Linux this time. We used this opportunity to make them available with the app!

Confirmed the game is now working in the desktop application!  Thanks!  ^_^

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